strategy. storytelling. sustainability.

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Our work lies at the intersection of strategy, storytelling and sustainability, each building on the other for authentic communications that serve our clients and their contributions toward sustainability of our natural and built environment.

Working with our clients, we identify the most effective channels for these expressions, which can take the form of branding, print materials or interactive digital media, and together create a comprehensive system for communications.

Below are just a few of the ways that we package our services to deliver effective communications for our clients.

strategy. storytelling. sustainability. diagram.

Share the Path: Campaign strategy, name, branding, print and digital design to promote safety and access across multiple user groups

Trail Partners: Campaign strategy, name, branding, and collateral design (with Renee Harcourt) to promote safety on trails in Marin County

One Tam: Campaign strategy, name, branding, design of print and digital media to build community support to protect the natural resources of Mt. Tam

Presidio: Campaign strategy and branding to welcome the public to the Presidio, design of the campaign exhibit at the San Francisco Public Library


The purpose of communications design is to inform, inspire and in most cases motivate an action or behavior change. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through a campaign, which involves a coordinated set of communications materials and activities distributed or displayed over a focused period of time. L Studio has been active over the last few years in the development of a number of campaigns for our clients and have seen the results.

Our services for campaign development include:

  • Campaign strategy and planning
  • Design of print and digital media
  • Production and placement of media
  • Coordination with social media experts
  • Tracking results

Jardiniere: Refinement to the brand for Traci Des Jardin’s signature restaurant in San Francisco, and application to a new website, menus, signage and collateral

SERA: Positioning and communications strategy for a leading Portland-based firm dedicated to Sustainability in the Built Environment

Mendocino Forest Products: Brand rationalization to unify the visual identities and messaging for a family of lumber companies.

Sherwood Design Engineers: A client survey and positioning recommendations for an entrepreneurial group of engineers of sustainable infrastructure

Marin County Parks: A new identity and style guide to represent the spectacular parks and open space of Marin which the County manages

brand development and revitalization

Organizations can gain and retain momentum by unifying all aspects of communications under a cohesive program of memorable visuals, messages and experiences that together create a strong brand.

L Studio assists our clients in creating new brands, or reshaping existing brands, through a variety of services that include:

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Identity
  • Design Applications
  • Style Guides

Hines Sustainability: Design of print and digital versions of the company’s Sustainability Reports based on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) framework

Interface: Design of one of the first Sustainability Reports in industry for a carpet manufacturing company led by the late visionary Ray Anderson (project led by Paul Hawken)

Guanacaste: Design of a vision book for a conservation based development in Costa Rica integrating principles of sustainability

GRI framework: Design of the GRI reference sheet consolidating the extensive framework into a convenient handout, which has been circulated internationally.

integration of sustainability

Every organization must define what sustainability means to them. A strategy for sustainability focuses on identifying areas of greatest impact and opportunity for efficiency and innovation that are socially, environmentally and economically beneficial.

Through a collaborative process with our clients, L Studio integrates strategies for sustainability into an organization’s brand, culture, operations, and communications. L Studio is experienced in the development of communications for sustainability ranging from defining performance metrics and goal setting to publishing multi-stakeholder reports according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.

We stay informed about topics ranging from energy, conservation, design, behavior change and sustainability in the natural and built environment. We share our ideas in our blog.

Concord Project: Design of a proposal for a master developer for the redevelopment of Concord Naval Weapons Station into a Transit Oriented Development

Family Agriculture Preserve: Design of a vision book to promote a new concept around sustainable agriculture (for the Chiarello Family)

Project Saraswati: Positioning and packaging for an Idea Book to promote sustainable, knowledge-based communities in India (for Forest City with Calthorpe Associates)

Galisteo Basin Preserve: Design of a coffee table book for a sustainable community development in Santa Fe planned to protect more than 13,000 acres of open space

idea books

Great ideas need the right communication channels to gain traction. Telling the story of an idea can take many forms, whether it’s stunning photography, carefully crafted narratives, technical descriptions and diagrams, or industry trends and endorsements – often in combination.

L Studio helps start-ups and emerging ventures articulate the case for new ideas to attract capital, partners or clients in both print and digital media.