120px-mutcd_w1-5svgIf only two things in life are guaranteed, death and taxes, then mileage-minded GoLo users won’t be surprised to hear that VMT could be taxed in the near future. Whether or not one thinks this is a smart or fair way to fill budget gaps, it’s clear we’ll soon be hearing a lot more about VMT in our public debate. At best, bringing this metric into the forefront of conversation could be a first step to helping people drive less and inspire policy decisions about planning and transit that alleviate auto-dependence. At worst, a tax on mileage could punish the many Americans who struggle to afford long but necessary commutes. Check out the details in this posting from The Hill’s Floor Action Blog.

CBO: Taxing mileage a ‘practical option’ for revenue enhancement
The Hill’s Floor Action Blog
By Pete Kasperowicz – March 24, 2011