Video by Alec Loorz
Kids vs. Global Warming, a project of Earth Island Institute

Adults always say things like, “ It’s great to have kids involved, you guys are the future.” But we’re more than just “the future.” We’re here now. We are the present, and our voices do make a difference. Lets now work together to change the world… and not just occupy it.

You don’t have to have a job in the government or at an environmental organization to make a difference and spread a message. Turns out, you don’t even have to have a drivers license or be able old enough to vote. Wunderkind Alec Loorz, now 14 years old, shows how technology and messaging can be put to use to reach people of all generations. Alec stole the show at the Turning the Tides conference at Fort Baker back in April, speaking among several hundred environmental dignitaries. He taught us that kids are open to new ideas and are extremely able to effect the way their parents and elders think and live. Watch the next generation in action!

Action Snapshot: Youth in Motion from Institute at Golden Gate on Vimeo.