picture_17_largeThe 2011 special edition of The Economist has several sections that caught L Studio’s eye. The first is from Arianna Huffington, who argues that America is in danger of becoming  a Third World country if we the people don’t stand up and demand more from ourselves, our business leaders, and our politicians. Her thesis is a bit of a mixed message, I must say, but it never hurts to help thy neighbor, right?

The next bit we liked is from Shai Agassi, founder and chief executive of Better Place. He thinks that economic growth need no longer depend on oil. According to Agassi, China and Israel are already working toward electric-vehicle driven, petroleum-free economies. May the rest of the world take note. Next question: Where will all our electricity come from?

The Year of Hope 2.0
Arianna Huffington, The Economist, from The World In 2011
I know that’s a jarring phrase, but the evidence is everywhere you look, dotting the American landscape. The state of Hawaii has gone beyond laying off teachers and has begun laying off students, closing its public schools on 17 Fridays during the past school year. In the Atlanta suburb of Clayton County, the entire bus system was shut down. Colorado Springs turned off a third of its 24,000 streetlights. Camden, New Jersey, is on the verge of permanently shuttering all of its libraries. Some cash‑strapped places are giving up on the idea of maintaining paved roads altogether, allowing them instead to return to gravel or to nature. But America’s leaders seem unable, or just unwilling, to do anything about it. Job creation has been put on the back burner, as all of Washington is afflicted with deficit fever.

What China and Israel Will Teach The World
Shai Agassi, The Eononmist, from The World In 2011
China and Israel have both drawn the conclusion that the electrification of transport is a critical step in moving towards a more sustainable future, breaking the inexorable connection between economic growth and oil dependence. That means powering our cars without oil.