Apparently conservative media outlets are all atwitter about White House advisers calling for a change in terminology from ‘global warming’ to something more accurately descriptive of the changes taking place in our environment, like ‘global climate disruption’. I’m glad someone is noticing an effort on the part of progressive-leaning policy makers to formulate a more compelling set of terms to frame discussion about this pressing issue. ‘Climate Disruption’ is hardly as catchy as Roveian tropes such as the ‘Death Tax’ and the brilliantly scary-sounding ‘Death Panel’ that has been used as fodder against healthcare reform. Perhaps Democrats will hire some better talent in the future, but at least we’re seeing an effort towards addressing climate change in a serious way.

A Rebranding for Global Warming?
By John Collins Rudolf, The New York Times, September 20th, 2010

In a speech in Oslo on Sept. 6, Dr. Holdren [White House science adviser] called “global warming” a “dangerous misnomer” because it implied that the impact of greenhouse gases would be gradual, uniform across the planet and “quite possibly benign.”

Rather, he said, changes to the climate are rapid when viewed in terms of the capacity of society and ecosystems to adjust; the impact is distributed unevenly; and the outcome will be overwhelmingly negative for most of the globe.

A better term would be “global climate disruption,” Dr. Holdren said.