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I was fortunate enough to tag along to the backyard of a pretty brownstone in Brooklyn Heights for a sneak preview of this documentary a couple of weeks ago during a visit to New York. It was an eye-opener, and an inspiration to see the film and listen in on the panel discussion with the filmmaker, Shelley Rogers, and several of the featured farmers and advisors.

While I try to buy organic (especially for meat, dairy and other products closer to the top of the food chain), I’ve often wondered what virtues the title really connotes. While the system is far from perfect, this film reassured me that the ‘Organic’ title really does mean something. I’ve heard talk of the rise of big agrobiz organizations watering down the standards that qualify USDA Organics, but after hearing from the farmers profiled in the film, I’ll continue to vote with my dollar to support environmentally and socially responsible farming practices by looking for that ‘Certified Organic’ label.

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