By Daniel Roth, WIRED, May 2010

President Obama & Secretary ChuI, for one, am sick of all the fear mongering re China’s impending global supremacy. We’re afraid they are taking our jobs. We’re afraid they’re becoming too much like us. (How presumptuous to burn coal to fuel an industrial revolution!) Oh wait, now they’re beating us to a clean energy revolution, too.

US energy secretary Steven Chu has chosen to take a practical route. Since the US and China produce 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions, Chu thinks our two nations need to work together to find solutions that are both sustainable and prosperous. Thank god for scientists.

When Chu pivots back to the US, his point becomes clear: Spending on clean technology isn’t a feel-good sideline. It’s an investment that can yield jobs and profit. Someone is going to invent the technology that cleans our factories and our air — someone in Beijing or someone in the Buckeye State…

US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy