By Sam Grawe, Dwell, December / January 2010

...Despite all the pomp and circumstance, cars have changed relatively little over the course of the last century— most of us are still stuck behind the steering wheel of a gas-guzzling combustion engine–driven ride. This latency in product development is exactly what inspired San Francisco–based designers Mike and Maaike (Californian Mike Simonian and Dutch Maaike Evers) to transport themselves to the year 2040 and imagine what driving could become without, well, driving.

…“It’s important that people start talking about what they really want from cars or transportation,” Evers asserts. “If we keep getting a little more styling, it doesn’t really take us anywhere new. We wanted to stir up excitement and passion, which is why we deliberately did some things that are controversial.” Given the current state of the auto industry, excitement and passion could be just what cars and drivers need.