Orion January / February 2009

…The oughts were in many ways a decade of fear …There’s a fundamental problem with making the focal point of the dialogue and undesirable outcome, rather than that which we wish to see transpire. It’s awfully hard to imagine, much less build, a better world when you’re overcome by fear.

Then what of the teens? Perhaps its time to try a new motivator. It’ll have to be something powerfully compelling, something intensely alluring — dynamic enough to hold humanity in its spell… It’s tempting to think that it will be some new idea or trend or event technology. But more likely it will be something that’s been here all along, something enduring, if not eternal — something we can fall in love with all over again, unleashing in us a level of devotion we never thought possible…

Orion, for it’s part, is going to side with skinny-dipping and great blue herons, continuing to bring you insight and imagination and cleareyed proposals for new ways of living that don’t rob the planet of its future habitability. The degree of culture change needed now is greater than ever, and the Orion editors don’t take this lightly. It’s time to let truth, thoughtfulness, justice and beauty capture our hearts and minds; time to stop living in fear that things will go wrong and to start making sure that things go right. It’s time to change the way we live.