Douglas McGray interviews Stewart Brand, WIRED, 09.21.09

[Stewart Brand] The pioneering environmentalist, technology thinker, and founder of the Whole Earth Catalog has written a new manifesto, Whole Earth Discipline, in which he defends genetic engineering, nuclear power, and other longtime nemeses of the green left as good for the planet. Brand also makes a counterintuitive case that the booming slums and squatter cities in and around Mumbai, Nairobi, and Rio de Janeiro are net positives for poor people and the environment. Wired asked him to elaborate.

It’s the NEW new urbanism! The L Studio team saw Brand’s talk at last year’s Congress for the New Urbanism convention in San Francisco. We were wowed by his video clips of a ‘mixed use’ Mae Klong market in Thailand (which doubles as a train track) and other innovative urban forms.