Matthew B. Stannard, San Francisco Chronicle, September 6, 2009

What if there were a way to save the nation $30 billion a year in energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 300 million tons a year and create thousands of new jobs – using existing technologies and at a price so cheap that it would pay for itself in the first year?

Evan Mills, a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, says there already is one: building commissioning, the art and science of maximizing the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

Since building operations are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions, the low-hanging fruit of energy-efficiency and reversing climate change is already built and waiting to be picked. It’s as simple as making sure the thermostats inside commercial and public buildings are adjusted correctly and that existing buildings (whether LEED, green, or plain old title-24 compliant) have HVAC systems that are calibrated properly. Read more about how we can start getting more efficient now!