Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman

hot_flat_and_crowded1Okay, we know this book is already a year old but for any of you (like me) thought that you didn’t need to read it since you assumed you knew the material and didn’t need convincing that we need to move quickly toward alternative energy solutions and climate action, think again. Thomas Friedman is superb as usual in making such a compelling case, we should all read it to become as fluent as he is in advocating ideas and action in such a critical moment of time. It is chalk full of useful data and anecdotes. I stopped turning corners of the pages since the whole book became marked by one good example after the next of what we need to do and what is already being done to change our behavior, leadership and politics around the global impact of resource consumption and green house gas emissions.

According to Friedman (and why wouldn’t we believe him) “we’ve got about ten years to make a difference….We are living at a hinge of history that is going to determine just which way this Energy-Climate Era will swing. If we are going to manage what is already unavoidable and avoid what will be truly unmanageable, we need to make sure everything we do from here on helps to build a real, sustainable, scalable solution.” So, if you haven’t yet, start with this book and it will convince you that everything you do from here on needs to focus on these solutions and why that will be great for you, the planet and our country.

– ML