Commencement Address to Portland University’s class of 2009, by Paul Hawken

Basically, civilization needs a new operating system, you are the programmers, and we need it within a few decades.

We’re always interested in what’s being said at university commencements around this time of year. Paul Hawken’s address to the graduating class of 2009 at Portland University is very apt to this blog. Reiterating his thesis from Blessed Unrest, Hawken talks about both the dire need to re-think the basic tenets of our Civilization and the great and invisible movement of NGO’s, non profits, and individuals who work every day to try to save and restore the environment, change peoples’ perspectives, and end poverty. It’s a tall order for the next generation, so the ‘Establishment’ will need to pitch in if this is going to work.

Watch a video of Hawken’s Blessed Unrest presentation.