Time-lapse view of installtion of Truth is Beauty at Burning Man in 2013.

Bay Area-based artist Marco Cochrane creates sculptures with the intention of releasing the often-oppressed power of femininity. Specifically, Cochran’s sculpture Truth is Beauty, a 55-foot mesh and LED structure, represents a world without violence against women. The liberated pose of the female figure is meant to evoke images of a world where women feel safe and empowered. This message is relevant not only on city streets and transit centers like the San Leandro BART station, but also, by extension in the traditionally  male-dominated Tech industry.

Bay Area Developer Westlake Urban has helped procure the 13,000-pound sculpture for its San Leandro Tech Campus, adjacent to the San Leandro BART station. According to Westlake, the artwork is in keeping with a vision for San Leandro’s future, furthering the community’s transformation, especially in the improvements around the adjacent BART station, to make it a safe place for women.

Once an industrial manufacturing center, the community is now also embracing its geographic potential to be a seat of local high-tech manufacturing and prototyping for a new generation of “makers”, from the sculptors who create industrial-scale interactive structures for Burning Man, to microbrewers, to 3D-printed product designers. Equipped with a high-speed fiber-optic loop that rings the community, San Leandro is adapting to thrive in the economy of the heralded 3rd Industrial Revolution, forwarding it’s own innovation ecosystem.

It seems fitting that this hotbed for technological makers would be the ultimate site for installation of Truth is Beauty, first displayed at Burning Man in 2011. The metal “giantess” (as she was called in SFist) will be illuminated with 2,500 interactive, multicolored LED bulbs. A techo-Mannerist wonder in steel and electricity, she resembles the alien natives of James Cameron’s CGI wonderland in Avatar. As an incubator for evolving tech-cultural values, it follows that the art of Burning Man would be the art of the San Leandro Tech Campus. Showcasing the values of illumination and physical freedom, Truth is Beauty brings awareness to the ongoing struggle of women to feel safe and heard in the world, and acts as a complement to physical improvements to a Bay Area transit hub.