It’s not funny. Really. But perhaps the fact that Medium’s Matter has published this list of 33 things to do before “climate change ruins everything” (plus entertaining graphics) is evidence that it has been fully adopted into the popular imagination. The days of  denial are over. As wildfires rage in the Western United States and NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite reveals larger than expected groundwater depletion in the region, It’s clear that the age of rising seas and growing-zone realignment are upon us.

It is the magical power of humor to be able to speak frankly about really hard issues. It’s a medicine for those unavoidable facts of life: death, taxes, and now a changing ecosystem. And it’s the very humor that is used in this list that gives it its biting directness. It seems to be saying, “Here is the naked truth. Let’s, laugh, not cry. And then let’s take action.”

As first steps, show up for the People’s Climate March and Mobilization in your area, and consider joining the Billion People Project, a social network dedicated to “creating a connected global citizenry committed to sustaining a habitable and healthy planet.” The site launches in late September. Be an early adopter!