When you think about it, it makes sense. The Bay Area economy is back and booming. Social media giants are locating from Mid-market San Francisco on down the Peninsula, and bringing high-wage jobs with them. Anyone who wants to make it in the startup world, or just climb the corporate ladder is coming to seek their fortune here on the shores of the Bay. Not only is this a land of opportunity, it also happens to be one of the most beautiful urbanized regions on earth. People come here for the economy and for the magic of California life.

No place is this magic more concentrated, more specific, and more refined than in Marin County. It’s like we’re living in the endless scroll of a lifestyle blog. And as hard as this place tries to keep its secrets (from Sausalito’s storied houseboat community to Bolinas’ boho perfection), the word is getting out. As noted by New York Times Magazine reporter Adam Sachs, Marin is full of contradictions:

“…the eternal tension between the encouragement of kooky freewheeling California freedoms and the contradictory, conservative urge to tamp all that down, to maintain the place exactly as it was found by its latest wave of settlers.”

This series of articles in the New York times alone speaks to the amount being written about this special place. Its wonders are no longer a secret, so how will we maintain the character of this land of beaches, redwood trees, sustainable ag and charming towns while sharing the wealth with our growing Bay Area population?

Stranger Than Paradise, by Adam Sachs, New York Times Magazine

36 Hours in Marin County, Calif., by Freda Moon, New York Times

5 Stops on the California Cheese Trail, by Christopher Hall, New York Times