Fast Company Editor Alan Webber talks about how Portland became the urban planning poster child it is, and ways to ensure that it gets even better. L Studio founder Marianna Leuschel grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and even held a college job at Willamette Week, a local paper Webber cofounded. Portland holds a special place in the L Studio heart. And now the rest of the world has caught on.

Now that Pendleton has been reincarnated as hipster apparel and there’s a comedy show that lovingly mocks the quirky, livable town, what’s next for this city? According to Webber, “What Portland did in the 1970s was to zig when everyone else zagged.” So what’s the next move? In this talk Webber urges us not to get too comfortable with a good thing. Cities are organisms that need to change and plan for their future. Read this transcript of his speech to find out what Portland could become.

Fast Company’s Founding Editor On How Portland Can Become Great
At TechfestNW, Alan Webber asks: How do you overthrow a successful city?