Dear Readers,

After seven years with L Studio, and serving as editor of this blog since its inception, I am signing off from my regular post to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree with the School of Visual Arts’ new Art Practice program. I may continue to work with L Studio on a project basis in the future, and may contribute periodically to this blog, but the main production of content will be shifted from my post.

The opportunity to work on this blog, be its voice, has been an inspiration and an opportunity for me to develop my creative fluency. I feel extremely grateful to L Studio founder and creative director Marianna Leuschel for investing the time and funds into building this platform for communication and repository for L Studio’s collective interests. She has been the main contributor of content about which to blog, and will continue to be.

I look forward to reading the publication as it develops under the stewardship of Laura Mosca. I encourage you all, team members, clients, friends, to continue reading, suggesting articles. And please, make comments! We welcome your input in every form.


Alexandra Hammond