This is placemaking in its most organic form. East San Jose natives Ryan and Christine Sebastian are putting the “there there” for a few hours at a time in strip mall parking lots around San Jose. They sell homemade ice cream in flavors that are mixed from the Filipino and Latino neighborhoods they came from: young coconut, avocado, organic strawberry, mango. They serve their wares on homemade cones on a truck equipped with a Karaoke machine for their customers’ enjoyment. People line up, lick sweet ice cream, and hang out to watch their friends sing the hits. This is the kind of party that could only be bred in California. Ryan Sebastian has a background in urban planning, but now chooses to create vibrancy in his community one cone or one tune at a time.

Listen to the sounds and the story of “Treatbot” on KQED’s The Making of by the Kitchen Sisters.

Charter your next movable fiesta with Treatbot.