Oscar the grouch and Slimy: early advocates of trash awareness.

The Zero Waste craze is catching! The latest issue of San Francisco magazine has published Bea Johnson’s five “R’s” of reducing personal garbage output that refresh the old “recycle, reduce, reuse” mantra. Johnson is a Mill Valley resident who wrote a book about how her family  strives for a low waste lifestyle, using mason jars in place of  plastic packaging, refusing freebie giveaways at conferences, and getting deep with composting.

I am a personal fan of those free pens from hair salons and hip cafe’s… a sin I may never relinquish. For those of you looking to clean up your trash portfolio, here are some ideas:

- Refuse what you don’t need

- Reduce what you do need

- Reuse what you consume

- Recycle what you can’t refuse/reduce/reuse

- Rot the rest (compost!)

Read the full story in San Francisco Magazine.