Even as the Doha climate talks close without any new commitments from the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, students at college campuses around the country are making sure that climate change gets front-page headlines. An article about’s #DoTheMath tour became the most emailed article on due to a big social media push by the organization. As usual, youth is leading this movement, asking their colleges and universities to divest their endowments’ holdings in fossil fuel companies. Taking a page from the history of boycotts of South African Apartheid in the ’80′s, the goal of Fossil Fuel Divestment movement is first and foremost to keep the pressing but complex issue of climate change at the top of the news cycle and the popular consciousness. In the wake of extreme weather events, and with a majority of Americans in agreement that climate change is real and effecting us now, the movement can’t be ignored by political leaders for much longer.

To Stop Climate Change, Students Aim at College Portfolios
By Justin Gillis, New York Times