More from Richard Florida, champion of the Creative Class: They shop at Urban Outfitters, they drive a Prius and, you guessed it, they love cities.

And who can blame them? Would you rather drive 90 minutes to a heat island of concrete parking lots to enter a low-slung, overly-air conditioned office building, or stroll through the bustling and inspiringly messy-stinky streets of America’s culture-creating urban neighborhoods to a neatly upcycled historic or industrial space turned chic mixed-use office? The latter sounds so much more real.

It’s no wonder that tech companies of the future are chasing their talent to the fringes of downtowns (like San Francisco’s Midmarket district) rather than locating on suburban campuses. Even second and third-tier cities have a chance to attract businesses to their downtowns, revitalizing main streets, and possibly rubbing some of this creative luster onto the just-regular-people class.

The Joys of Urban Tech
Richard Florida, The Wall Street Journal