In typical California fashion, solar energy companies are finding a way to bring us the very essence of our Golden State in a the form of affordable electrical power. They’ve figured out how to lease the hardware so that we can enjoy cheaper home electricity today without a huge capital outlay. I love the quote below. It’s big-picture thinking at its most pragmatic. This is the future, folks. Get hip to it.

The Secret to Solar Power
By JEFF HIMMELMAN, The New York Times Magazine
August 9, 2012

Enough sunlight falls on the earth’s surface every hour to meet the entire world’s energy needs for one year…

“Think about it this way. We’re killing people in foreign lands in order to extract 200-million-year-old sunlight. Then we burn it . . . in order to boil water to create steam to drive a turbine to generate electricity. We frack our own backyards and pollute our rivers, or we blow up our mountaintops just miles from our nation’s capital for an hour of electricity, when we could just take what’s falling free from the sky.”

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