Fast Company writers talk about the real reality of the new New Economy. Guess what folks? It’s fast, its furious, and we don’t know what’s next. What. A. Rush.

This article is the hallmark of Silicon Valley tech culture. Half of my brain buys in. The other half wants to be more critical, to point out that this lionized speed and chaos is only feasible and awesome within a very narrow window of physical and infrastructural givens: think working freeways, electricity and wifi, all of which are decidedly of that old industrial era, and now in need of maintenance.

This simultaneity of opinion is well articulated by the Fluxus Manifesto (1963). See crossed out important words.

This Is Generation Flux: Meet The Pioneers Of The New
(And Chaotic) Frontier Of Business

By Robert Safian
Fast Company, January 9th, 2012