By Chris Anderson
WIRED magazine, June 17, 2009

This crisis is not just the trough of a cycle but the end of an era. We will come out not just wiser but different…The next new economy, the one rising from the ashes of this latest meltdown, will favor the small.

Here’s one more piece of evidence which points to the fact that the small, nimble, ‘Davids’ of the world are having their day in the face of ‘Goliaths’ that were created in the last century. Read more about how the era of corporations that are ‘too big to fail’ might really be coming to a close. (Just wait, your iPhone won’t be pegged to AT&T forever.) As a society, we’re experiencing the growing pains (or better put, the pains of economic mitosis) that come with great change and restructuring. On the bright side, we may be creating a whole new kind of organism. The possibilities are endless.