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Our blog is a library of resources and ideas found by us or shared with us by our friends and client network. It’s a collection of articles, radio stories, infographics and videos that relate to our work and broaden our thinking: our favorite content from the internet and beyond. Original commentary gives insight into our process and poses questions about the world inside and outside of the studio.

Archive for January, 2013

I was really tickled to hear this conversation between Edward Tufte (the guru of infographics) and Flora Lichtman on NPR’s Science Friday. It’s always a treat to have my divergent interests validated by mass-media productions. Tufte’s musings are about “seeing well”, or forgetting what we assume we know in order to observe what’s actually there. […]


L Studio is proud to be working on an App for one of America’s most iconic national parks. This project has put us on the lookout for other apps about national treasures and events. Monday’s Marketplace discussion about the history of new technologies at presidential inaugurations was really fascinating. It turns out these events have […]