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Our blog is a library of resources and ideas found by us or shared with us by our friends and client network. It’s a collection of articles, radio stories, infographics and videos that relate to our work and broaden our thinking: our favorite content from the internet and beyond. Original commentary gives insight into our process and poses questions about the world inside and outside of the studio.

Archive for September, 2012

I love the NPR Cities Project. Here’s an excerpt from just one of their fascinating stories. As our cities have become more complex the physics embodying their behavior and organization has also become more nuanced, subtle and profound… [The] city becomes a vast interconnected system designed for turning energy into work. Seen through that lens, […]


More from Richard Florida, champion of the Creative Class: They shop at Urban Outfitters, they drive a Prius and, you guessed it, they love cities. And who can blame them? Would you rather drive 90 minutes to a heat island of concrete parking lots to enter a low-slung, overly-air conditioned office building, or stroll through […]