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Our blog is a library of resources and ideas found by us or shared with us by our friends and client network. It’s a collection of articles, radio stories, infographics and videos that relate to our work and broaden our thinking: our favorite content from the internet and beyond. Original commentary gives insight into our process and poses questions about the world inside and outside of the studio.

Archive for August, 2012

In typical California fashion, solar energy companies are finding a way to bring us the very essence of our Golden State in a the form of affordable electrical power. They’ve figured out how to lease the hardware so that we can enjoy cheaper home electricity today without a huge capital outlay. I love the quote […]


As Bill McKibben puts it, the numbers above add up to  an enemy of Earth: The fossil fuel industry. Perhaps the one light suggested by this article is that the anti-climate change movement has found a powerful enemy in its narrative. The goal of the movement, as he puts it, should be to put a […]