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Our blog is a library of resources and ideas found by us or shared with us by our friends and client network. It’s a collection of articles, radio stories, infographics and videos that relate to our work and broaden our thinking: our favorite content from the internet and beyond. Original commentary gives insight into our process and poses questions about the world inside and outside of the studio.

Archive for June, 2011

I loved this article because so much of L Studio’s recent work has required us to create style guides for new or refreshed brands. The purpose of a style guide is to balance specificity with generality. To convey the overarching graphical sense of the brand (and the meaning behind that), without confining it to the […]


Do you know when you follow the rules? Will your smart meter give you cancer and/or reveal your deepest secrets to PG&E? Will facebook’s facial recognition technology peg you as a terrorist? Will the GPS in your smart-phone map your commute for Big Brother? The below article from WIRED magazine celebrates the potential for cheap […]


1025 Colors (1974) by Gerhard Richter As part of our ongoing inquiries about the visual display of information, L Studio’s digital artist Civiane Chung forwarded me this article from AdAge Digital sent by Adam Slackman of Greenprint Foundation. The piece raises a lot of interesting questions as to why communications are becoming more data-oriented. I […]