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Our blog is a library of resources and ideas found by us or shared with us by our friends and client network. It’s a collection of articles, radio stories, infographics and videos that relate to our work and broaden our thinking: our favorite content from the internet and beyond. Original commentary gives insight into our process and poses questions about the world inside and outside of the studio.

Archive for June, 2010

Film Website I was fortunate enough to tag along to the backyard of a pretty brownstone in Brooklyn Heights for a sneak preview of this documentary a couple of weeks ago during a visit to New York. It was an eye-opener, and an inspiration to see the film and listen in on the panel discussion […]


WIRED Magazine, May 24, 2010 We often think that the only reason people do productive things is to snag a carrot or avoid a stick. But that’s just not true. Our third drive—our intrinsic motivation—can be even more powerful. Read more about the theory and evidence in this conversation between Daniel Pink and Clay Shirky. […]


By Felix Salmon, WIRED, May 24, 2010 By measuring the problem—the amount of time and money lost in traffic every year—we can begin to solve it, [Komanoff] says. We can turn the knobs on the entire transportation system to maximize efficiency. Komanoff’s model suggests a world in which everything from subway fares to bridge tolls […]