a small agency with big ideas.

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by Marianna Leuschel No Comments

L Studio is a design and consulting firm in Sausalito, California specializing in communications for sustainable ventures in land use, natural resources, climate and industry. Our integrated process of strategy and design serves to frame the communication challenge, find the essence of our client’s organization or project and translate that into design for identity, print and digital communications.

We believe that the economic success of companies and public sector agencies is tied to their ability to meet the needs of society and the environment. This is how we define sustainability. We bring passion and commitment to promote these shared values with our clients, creating great results for their organizations and positive change in the world.

Our process is grounded in a structure that provides a rational framework for the otherwise very subjective art of design.

It allows us to directly link the design of communications to visioning, positioning and communications strategies. We bring this approach to a range of clients who are working to improve the quality of the built environment, the livelihood of people, and the health of our planet.